Frequently Asked Questions

Which rope length do I need?

If you happen to fall between two sizes, we recommend the following guidelines:


For beginners, we recommend choosing the longer version. This gives you more room for mistakes while learning.


If you already have experience in rope jumping, or are generally well coordinated, then it depends on your personal preference: If you want to focus more on speed, take the shorter variant. If you want to do more tricks and freestyle jumps, take the longer version.


Here you can find a more detailed article on this topic.


How often should I jump?

This is the most frequently asked question and it is very important because how often you jump not only affects your results, but also plays an important role in injury prevention.


Short answer:


Everjump recommendation for experienced athletes: 3-5 times per week


Everjump recommendation for beginners: 1-2 times per week

For the long answer, please read this article, in which we shed more light on the topic.


How do I start as a beginner?

Here you will find a detailed article about on how you can start jumping rope as a beginner with no experience.


What do I do if I have a problem with my handles?

If you have any problem with your handles, just send us a photo or video of the handles to and our customer support team will be happy to help you.


Terms of use

We know that buying an Everjump set is an important investment in yourself. We are determined to meet or exceed your expectations at every step. We ask you to remember that a jump rope is a product that you hit repeatedly against the ground and therefore wear & tear is normal and should be expected.


Here are some factors that affect the durability of ropes:


1. Extent of outdoor use compared to indoor use

Outdoor use is fine, but indoor use prolongs the life of the ropes.


2. Frequency and duration of use

More use = faster wear.


3. Temperature

Prolonged use at very cold temperatures can reduce the service life of the rope.


4. Rope thickness

Heavier ropes have a thicker plastic coating and last longer.

We recommend that you use one of our mats for jumping, as this not only protects the ropes but also your joints.


How much space do I need for jumping?

We recommend a space requirement of 3m from front to back or 2m from left to right for jumping. The ceiling height should be approximately the same as the rope length. So you need at least 2.45m ceiling height for the size S rope and 2.90m ceiling height for the size Extra Large rope. 


Please make sure that your jumping area is free of obstacles, and that there is nothing hanging from the ceiling that could hinder you while jumping (e.g. lamps).



Which set is right for me?

Our skipping rope sets are designed to help you reach your fitness goals.


If you're looking for a complete fitness solution to help you improve your look, feel and performance, the Shape Set is the right choice for you. It includes all of our six ropes and Everjump handles to make your workout fun, versatile and effective.


If you want to get lean and toned at an affordable price, our Melt Set is a great choice. Both the Melt Set and the Shape Set are great for beginners who want to get started with jumping rope.


If you want to build strength and power, our Grow Set is the right choice for you. The combination of heavier ropes targets more muscle groups with each workout.


If you want to try out jumping rope for the first time before committing to a complete set, then we recommend our inexpensive beginner set.


Do I need a jumping mat?

A skipping rope mat is recommended to prolong the life of your skipping ropes and to protect the surfaces you jump on. Using a mat also reduces the stress on your joints.


Shipping and returns

Here you can find information about the shipping of our products.


If you are not satisfied with your Everjump ropes, please contact our customer service at