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Everjump Benefits

Weighted ropes offer an intensive total body workout that helps you improve your endurance and build muscle strength.


1. Perfect for Beginners

Weighted skipping ropes are ideal for beginners. The extra weight is easier to feel as the rope rotates around your body, making it easier to time your jumps. Weighted ropes also turn slower than normal ropes. This is helpful in achieving the best possible curvature and learning the right shape - two essential techniques for beginners.


2. Upper Body Strength

Using a heavy rope builds strength in your entire back, shoulders, and forearms.


3. Development of the Shoulders

Shoulders and shoulder blades are often among the weakest parts of the body, even in people who are quite fit. In addition to the usual training methods, jumping rope has a positive effect on the shoulder muscles. Constantly contracting and stabilising the shoulders while jumping allows for controlled movement in the forearms. The extra weight in our skipping ropes allows you to strengthen your shoulders even more and develop them faster compared to simple skipping ropes.


4. Build Lean Muscles and Burn Fat

Heavy ropes are more effective than normal ropes in building lean muscles and reducing body fat because they require the use of more energy. You will get fit and progress faster - that's our promise.


5. Greater Muscle Engagement

Jumping with a normal rope activates the shoulders, lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Our weighted ropes work all of the above muscles even more and also train the triceps, forearms and the rest of the back muscles.


6. Versatility

Imagine being able to shift the intensity of the workout up or down by simply using a different rope. Some of the best heavy rope sets include ropes with different weights and a set of handles. Simply detach the handles from one rope and reconnect them to another rope. It only takes a few seconds! This training method provides variety and allows you to adjust the intensity of your training as you wish.



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